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CENTURY 21 Arizona Foothills

Move to Phoenix

Whether you are looking to move to Phoenix or have been here for a long time, Phoenix is a great place to play. 

Let's start with things to do.

Musical Instrument Museum

I was skeptical when I first heard about the Musical Instrument Museum, aka MIM. When I moved to Phoenix, to my surprise, I spent the whole day there. You will see videos of musicians, instruments you can play and a children's area too—a great place to enjoy the day. There are also free concerts in the museum and headliners in the auditorium. 

Desert Botanical Garden

If you like plants, this is the place to visit. Desert Botanical garden in Phoenix if good for all ages. Don't forget your camera. They also have cooking classes, concerts, and other special events.

move to phoenix  

Plenty of hiking

Move to Phoenix, where you can hike all year-round. 

You may say it is too hot to hike! Well, on those hot days, go to the high-ground. The evaluation in Arizona goes to above 12,000 ft. There are plenty of places to hike in Phoenix and the surrounding area. You get to beautiful places such as the Tonto or Coconino National Forest as well as many others. 

hiking in the Sonoran


Are you ready to move to Phoenix?


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